Château Moncassin - Castle in Leyritz Moncassin Aquitaine Lot et Garonne

Domaine Château Moncassin

General Sales Conditions

General conditions of online sales of the château moncassin.

SCEA SOVIMON is the company that represents Château Moncassin.
SCEA SOVIMON is a civil farming company whose head office is located at Le Chai, 133 route du lac 47700 LEYRITZ-MONCASSIN, FRANCE.
The company is registered in the Agen Trade and Companies Register under number 423 621 549. The intra-community VAT identification number is FR 50 423 621 549 00017.

1 - Purpose and acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

The purpose of these general conditions of sale is to specify the rights and duties of each of the contracting parties within the framework of the distance sale of wines, spirits, fruit juices and all agricultural products, by Château Moncassin, accessible in particular through the distance selling site: www.châ
They are available to the buyer with a single click on the link on all pages of the site. These general conditions of sale may be modified by the Company without notice or compensation.
Placing an order via the site and its identification system through the customer's email address and personal password implies full acceptance of these T & Cs, to the exclusion of any other document. or written or verbal agreement.
This identification process is equivalent to an electronic signature, and as such has the same value as a handwritten signature.
No addition or modification may be made by a purchaser to these GTCS, and the fact that the Company has not taken advantage at a time of one of the clauses does not call into question the full and entire authority of the said clause.

2 – Legal mention

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, and the products offered on the site should be consumed in moderation.
Any buyer ordering on the site undertakes to be over 18 years of age, as specified in ordinance n ° 59-107 of January 7, 1959, law n ° 74-631 of July 5, 1974 and article L3353-3 of Public Health Code. The Company cannot be held responsible for any failure to comply with this commitment.
The information requested on the site is intended for the processing of orders by the services of the Company, those of the carrier and banking establishments. The customer has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete his personal data both through the management of his account on the site and by writing to the Company at the following address: sovimon @ orange. fr The cookies that may be stored in the memory of customers' computers do not contain confidential information such as name or credit card number; their purpose is to allow faster access to the articles selected during a previous visit.
According to the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, the texts, images, films, animations, drawings and sounds reproduced on the Company's website are protected by copyright and for the whole world. As a result of the above, only their private use is authorized, subject to more restrictive legal provisions; any other use, and in particular any partial or total reproduction of the catalog without the express authorization of the Château de Moncassin would be assimilated to counterfeiting and prosecuted as such. The simple establishment of a hypertext link to the Château Moncassin site without the written consent of the Company is prohibited; such an initiative not noted does not in any way constitute an express authorization.

3 – Catalog, prices and orders

Our commercial offer is intended exclusively for private customers, with the exception of professional resellers. The Company reserves the right to refuse an order from a customer who happens to be a professional reseller.
All our offers are valid while stocks last, except sales and without obligation.
The prices are expressed inclusive of VAT excluding shipping costs for France, the invoices showing the VAT deducted at the rate in force as well as the shipping costs. For abroad, excluding European dial-up *, prices appear exclusive of tax at the time of order confirmation.
Wines sold en primeur have their prices expressed excluding taxes and transport costs.
* except derogatory law in force in certain intra-community countries (contact us)

4 – Payment, transfert of ownership and withdrawal

Payment for goods is made when ordering, by bank transfer, credit card, and check payable to SOVIMON. Goods are only shipped after full payment.
For primeurs, the reservation is only recorded after payment of the amount excluding tax, and shipping takes place only after full payment of VAT, transport costs and any additional costs (special wagers, storage and insurance).
In any event, the goods remain the property of the Company until they are fully paid. The customer also subscribes to the irrevocable obligation to pledge the goods subject to his order to guarantee any sum owed to the seller, regardless of the origin of this sum, which may come either from the execution of this document, or any other order and / or sales contract prior or subsequent to this order for the same goods or services, or for any other good or service than those covered by the current order.
Aux fins de satisfaire à cette obligation, l’acheteur déclare dès à présent et à titre irrévocable, affecter à gage au profit du vendeur, conformément aux articles 91 et suivants du Code de Commerce, les biens dont la propriété viendrait à lui être acquise par suites et conséquences de sa commande ou de tout autre commande et/ou contrat de vente antérieur ou postérieur à la présente commande pour les mêmes biens ou services, ou pour tous autres biens ou services que ceux objets de la présente commande. Faute de la présente affectation à gage à son profit, le vendeur n’aurait pas vendu.
By express agreement, the seller's right of retention extends not only to the goods covered by this order, but to all goods belonging to the same buyer, these forming the real guarantee of the payment of all sums which would be due to the seller. by said buyer, in any capacity whatsoever.
For goods excluding early wines, the customer has a period of seven clear days from the delivery of his order to return unwanted goods in their original packaging, for exchange or refund without penalty to the except return costs. It will be up to the customer to inform the Company in writing of his decision before returning the goods.
In the event that the products ordered are out of stock, the Company may offer the customer to replace them with his agreement, either with another vintage or with an equivalent product; if no agreement is reached, the Company will reimburse the products concerned.
For wines sold as futures, the customer has a period of seven clear days from receipt of his reservation invoice to request the cancellation or modification of his order; beyond this period, it will be considered final.

5 – Sale resolution

In the absence of payment by the customer by the agreed deadline, and one month after formal notice remains unsuccessful, the sale may be terminated by the Company, with return of the down payments made by the buyer, and the Company may request payment. return of products already delivered and damages.
Any costs incurred may be re-invoiced by the Company to the customer increased by 10%.

6 – Delivery times, loss and unavailability of goods

La Société assure la marchandise commandée par le client jusqu’à son point de livraison. Les délais de livraison indiqués sur le site ne sont pas contractuels, et leur non respect ne peut donner lieu à dommages et intérêts, annulation ou remboursement de commandes. Cependant, si après une réclamation écrite du client, la marchandise n’est toujours pas livrée dans un délai de un mois, le client ou la Société pourra décider de considérer la commande comme résolue. A ce titre, le client sera remboursé de son paiement, à l’exclusion de toute autre indemnité ou dommages et intérêts.
Le client est engagé par les informations qu’il a fournies à la Société pour identifier le destinataire. En cas d’erreur de la part du client, la Société ne pourra être tenue pour responsable de l’impossibilité de livrer les marchandises en temps et lieu désiré.
Le client est responsable de la vérification à la réception de l’état des marchandises livrées : il doit immédiatement faire toutes ses réserves concernant des manquants, casses ou avaries directement sur le bordereau de livraison, et dans les 48 heures suivant la réception des marchandises, par lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception auprès du transporteur, avec copie à la Société.
En cas de destruction de la marchandise en cours de transport ou dans les entrepôts de la Société, cette dernière procèdera au remplacement dans les meilleurs délais des biens détruits. Dans le cas où le remplacement serait impossible, la Société pourra proposer à l’acheteur de les remplacer avec son accord, soit par un autre millésime, soit par un produit équivalent. Si le client refusait les propositions de la Société, il serait remboursé des biens correspondants à l’exclusion de toute autre indemnité ou dommages et intérêts.
La société ne pourra être tenue pour responsable de commande non livrée pour cause de restriction douanière dans le pays de l'acheteur. 
La Société ne pourra être tenue pour responsable des pertes, dommages ou défauts de livraison consécutifs à un cas de force majeure, tel que tempête, émeute, pandémie, inondation, grève….

7 – Stockage et qualité des vins

Les produits proposés sur le site sont des marchandises aux qualités reconnues par les professionnels. Les vins et spiritueux sont stockés dans notre chai de Moncassin, sous température dirigée. La Société ne peut en revanche être tenue pour responsable des problèmes de qualité qui pourraient avoir été occasionnées aux marchandises par de mauvaises conditions dans le cadre de leur transport ou de leur stockage après le départ de nos chais.

8- Réclamation et attribution de compétence

La Société se tient à la disposition du client pour régler en bon accord les litiges que l’exécution d’une commande pourrait faire surgir. En cas d’impossibilité de trouver un accord amiable entre les parties, les différents seront portés devant la juridiction française compétente, en vertu des directives et règlements de l’Union Européenne. Pour tout litige le tribunal de marmande sera le seul compétent.